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Milk Bands - Breastfeeding Bracelet - Red

Milk Bands - Breastfeeding Bracelet - Red

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Give your nursing journal a rest! Throw away your safety pins and stickers! Quit juggling objects from wrist to wrist! Stop relying on imperfect memory!

Milk Bands™ are a uniquely designed nursing bracelet that enables the mother to quickly and conveniently identify which breast she last used to feed her baby by simply turning the bracelet inside-out!

Milk Bands™ breastfeeding bracelets have time measuring sliders that can be used for multiple purposes such as tracking how long your baby fed or what time!

Milk Bands™ work regardless of which wrist they are worn on and are so easy to use it only takes one hand! Our breastfeeding bracelet works in the dark and can be worn during any and all activities!

When the time comes, Milk Bands™ can be used to help you wean your baby!

Let Milk Bands™ keep track of the basics so you can worry about more important things!

Product material contains 100% silicone.

  • Nursing bracelet provides infant’s feeding information on one wrist
  • Eliminates the need for a nursing journal, safety pins, or stickers
  • Flip the bracelet inside-out, reminds the mother which breast to use next.
  • Included on each bracelet are sliders used to record the time and duration of feedings
  • May be used on either wrist  


  • Record single feeding sessions to the nearest 5-minute increment.
  • Record multiple feeding sessions over a full day period.
  • Record the number of times the baby has fed in one day.
  • Record the number of diapers the baby soiled during the day.
  • Remind the mother what time the baby last fed.
  • Remind the mother roughly what time the baby is due for the next feeding.
  • Help the mother wean her baby by tracking the number of nursing sessions and then eliminating them one at a time.

Milk Bands Logo